Takeaways from the 2019 Transform Coaching Academy Retreat

It’s been 5 days since I left Scottsdale, and I’m still feeling so energetically aligned and giddy with happiness. 

This was my second retreat since I started working with the Transform Coaching Academy, and it exceeded all of my expectations–and then some!  

We entered the retreat feeling so prepared and grounded, with everything in place well ahead of time, which I think really helped set the blissful tone to the weekend. 

Someone mentioned that the retreat felt ‘harmonious’ and I couldn’t agree more. It just flowed, in a way that was truly connected with divine energy. 

Here are my biggest takeaways, breakthroughs and revelations I had during our 3 day retreat in Scottsdale: 

Resort photo
We could not have asked for a better retreat location!

1. The Antidote to Privilege is Service

Such a simple phrase helped put so much into perspective.

I’ve been putting in work to understand my privilege and how I can use it to truly make a positive difference in the lives of others, and this phrase by TCA founder Eve Agee summed it up so well.

To me, service means putting the collective good of others at the forefront of our decision making, in both our lives and my business. We are in total alignment with our highest self when every action we do is out of love and service to all, not just to ourselves.

When we connect to true service, we are actively disrupting privilege–whether it be race, class, ableism, orientation–because we no longer passively buy into systems that perpetuate unfair and unjust privilege. Connecting to that sense of service and active intention to our businesses can help build compassionate communities that lift up all people.


2. "I Am Ready. Trust."

This phrase came to me during one of Eve’s incredibly powerful visualizations. I’ve done countless of these visualizations and processes by now, but I’ve never been met with such a clear message.

In it, Eve walked us through meeting various forms of our future selves, to see what kind of message they had for us. Each time I heard the same message “you are ready. Trust.”

This could apply to so many situations in my life, friendships, relationships, my career. Accepting this new truth has already helped clear some blocks and limiting beliefs I have about being visible or speaking. 

Shifting from a limiting mindset of “I’ll be ready when…” to embracing “I’m ready now” can be a total game-changer in your business.

Will you ever feel 100% ready? Doubtful.

But it is so much more important to just get out there. To learn, grow, make mistakes and evolve. There’s so much strength and beauty in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Leaving the retreat, I felt much more confident in sharing my message and story with a wider audience.

3. You are Your Own Fingerprint to this World

In a world where every market seems oversaturated and overdone, it’s hard to lose sight of how deeply magnificent and unique each one of us is.

Much like a fingerprint, however, there is no one really quite like us. No one is telling the exact same story, has the exact same training and background, or is offering the exact same services.

Each one of us puts our own little spin on everything we do, and even though we might feel discouraged or like we’re not offering something different to the world…it’s important to reset and realize that we’re all different, and we have a very specific purpose to fill.

You are attracting people that resonate with your unique message, one that no one else in the world can tell.

There are so many more emotions and thoughts about the retreat that I can’t quite put into words yet. I manifested some insanely amazing things in those 3 days that I hope to share with you in the future.

Having a hand in planning and organizing these events has made the whole experience even more special. I see how much effort and love goes into every detail to ensure that attendees have a magical and moving experience.

After every live event I return home a better, more grounded, more aligned version of myself, and I am already looking forward to the next one.

Have you had any big breakthroughs at a retreat or live event? I’d love to hear about them!

With Deepest Gratitude, 

Creating Meaningful Change

This moment has been a long time coming–like, a year and a half in the making–and I am thrilled to FINALLY make this announcement. 

It took this long because I wanted to ensure that my actions and my future are in total alignment with the person I strive to be. And that person is someone that wants to help bring about positive, meaningful change in our world. 

I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship and self-employment unwillingly. I left job that I had previously loved and contracting online business support to clients unfolded naturally. Since taking that step, I grappled with the ego and imposter syndrome that often accompanies entrepreneurship–why do I think I’m cut out for this?  Why should my voice be added to the fray? For so long I pondered these questions, wanting to make sure that when I started speaking up, I was doing it with deep intention, knowledge, and great care. 

I spent that time trying to better educate myself on the world around me, what it means to show up as an ally, and as an agent of change. 

This process is undoubtedly complex, and it is a journey filled with countless missteps…but silence and inaction make no change, and only perpetuates injustice. 

I am by no means perfect or without error, but I am excited and committed to continuously learning, evolving and growing. 

With that notion, I would like to announce my new campaign, Kindness Creates Change. We are starting small, but I hope that this step will help encourage positive, conscious dialogue while supporting causes that are in need of support. 

Amy E Hulse Kindness Creates Change TShirt

The first step is launching the “Kindness Creates Change” T-Shirt line, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to help the border crisis through Al Otro Lado.

As I strive to be more ethical with my own purchases, I struggled with the idea of adding more tangible merchandise to the world.

However, I am choosing to start with this because I hope to not only support this cause financially, but also encourage conversations around it. 

These T-Shirts are ethically sourced via Bella Canvas, printed using eco-friendly materials by Print Natural, and shipped in 100% recycled (and recyclable) mailers from Eco Enclose

You can click here to order now

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. 

With Deepest Gratitude, 


P.S. Let’s keep spreading the kindness. Snag the Kindness Creates Change computer wallpaper here, and the phone background here

5 Common Myths About Coaching

Are you inspired to make a career change and become a coach, but are unsure what the change might actually look like? 

You’re definitely not alone in this uncertainty. 

Not only was I exactly where you were a few years ago, every time I tell someone what industry I’m in I get asked so many questions about the mystique of coaching! 

To be honest, I love answering these questions. I found my passion working with 

The coaching industry has been gaining traction and more mainstream attention for several years now. This fantastic fantastic for both coaches and clients.

It means more people are turning to coaching to help improve their lives, and that it’s becoming more accessible to everyone…not just celebrities or Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls. 

Along with increased hype come many misconceptions about what coaching actually is, and what it looks like to become a coach.

If you go down the rabbit hole of coaching on social media (as I have many times), you’ll see a lot of buzzwords and big promises without much explanation as to what a coaching session or career actually looks like. 

When I connect with people interested in venturing out into the coaching field (as part of my job with a coaching certification program), I often find myself answering the same questions or debunking common myths about what it really means to be a coach. 

Here are the top 5 myths I believe are the most important to reframe when deciding if you want to become a coach:

Myth #1: Coaching is just telling people what to do

This is the biggest misconception I hear from both people who aspire to be coaches and potential coaching clients. Some people are drawn to becoming a coach because they believe it is a chance for them to give their opinions freely. In a similar vein, many potential clients who don’t quite understand coaching, believe it to be someone just bossing them around and making decisions for them. Both could not be farther from the truth! 

The true essence of coaching is holding a non judgmental space for a client to explore his or her own options, and act as a facilitator for them to make decisions that feel right to them. It is not making the choice for them. 

The best coaches are the ones who mirror or paraphrase what the clients say back to them, to reach a better understanding of the beliefs and rationale behind them. 

Myth #2: Trainings and Certifications aren’t important

While it is true that the coaching field is not highly regulated in the United States, to deliver the best coaching possible, I highly, highly recommend a coach training. There are so many options to choose from, but regardless of your target niche becoming clear on how to best communicate change to your clients will only amplify their results. 

Even if you are an expert in your field, learning how to hold space, listen and mirror, and guide them through specific processes can make a huge difference (learn more about what to look for in a coaching program, here). I went through the Transform Coaching Academy (and still work for the company), and the lessons I learned throughout my year of training were absolutely invaluable. 

Do yourself (and your clients) a big favor, and invest in a quality certification program. You will not regret it!

Myth #3: The coaching market is oversaturated...there isn’t room for me!

The coaching industry has been a hot topic in the past few years. First gaining mainstream attraction through celebrities like Oprah to Marianne Williamson as a presidential contender…coaching is on the rise! If you’ve been exposed to the coaching industry, it seems like everyone and their mom is dabbling in coaching. But the field has continued to grow into a billion dollar industry–and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

One reason coaching isn’t too oversaturated for you to find success is because you will appeal to a very specific group of people that resonate with your own unique perspective and wisdom. Whether you’re specialized in financial coaching, business, health, wellness..you name it, there is ALWAYS room for you at the table. 

As coaching becomes more commonplace, more and more people are starting to get interested. Coaching on a local level is more accessible than ever. When you align with your truest self in your marketing and offerings, your message will be clear to those who need to hear it. 

Myth #4: I have to have my life completely together

I’ve had the same feeling, but let me assure you that there is no ‘perfect’ time to start coaching. The right time is simply when you feel called to do so. It breaks my heart when I hear aspiring coaches say they’re waiting to ‘fix’ something in their life before they can become an effective coach. 

What makes coaching so powerful is that your coaching is shaped by your experiences and knowledge. You will attract clients that have been inspired by you and your story, regardless of where you are on your journey. Also, keep in mind that taking a coach training will bring with it profound personal growth.

 I often hear that coach training is one of the most transformative years of one’s life. From personal experience, that sentiment is completely true. As you help clients transform their lives, you will also see big shifts in your life as well. 

Myth #5: It’s just an easy way to make money

Is it feasible? Absolutely yes. Is it effortless? No. 

The big draws of becoming a coach include a high hourly rate (the average is several hundred dollars per hour), a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere. You can even get started with very few upfront costs. 

However, it still takes considerable time and effort to get your business up and running if you’re starting from scratch. Putting in your best efforts to build an authentic brand that truly serves your customers requires your best efforts and a lot of brainstorming. 

If you’re truly passionate about coaching, these are just necessary steps to build your vision–and a lot of the “work” is pretty fun.


With all that said, if you’re feeling called to become a coach, find a certification and dive in head first! I love working in the coaching industry, and it’s exciting to see the growth and momentum over the past several years. 

Making a big shift in life to pursue coaching can be scary, but there really is no better time to start than today. 

With Deepest Gratitude, 

Staring a Coaching Business

6 Steps to Book Your First Client

Inspiration has struck.

You’re FINALLY ready to embark on your own journey as a coach or creative business owner and now the fun really begins…right?

Building a new business from the ground up is such an exciting time full of endless possibilities, but it can also becomes seriously daunting (to say the least). 

There’s so much conflicting content out there with tips and suggestions on how you should approach your business, what to do first etc. etc…and while that content can be fantastic, it can also seem overwhelming to even start in the first place. 

Sound familiar? 

That’s exactly how I felt when I first struck out on my own two years ago. I was so excited to tackle all the things, but the list felt endless and I quickly felt over my head. 

I lost sight of the real end goal–filling my business with paying clients. 

As soon as I dialed back to that intention, everything unfolded beautifully. 

Believe it or not, I was working full-time for over 10 months before I even put together my website. 

I found success because I swallowed my fear of putting myself out there, and the business opportunities came pouring in. 

I’ve met potential clients in the to-go line at restaurants, at boutiques and even while checking into a hotel. 

Once I truly aligned myself with what I do, I started attracting the right clients and brought in income (and bought time) to really conquer the online scene. 

If this resonates with you, I want to share my workbook for new coaches and entrepreneurs. 

This workbook outlines the 6 Steps I took to align myself with my mission and start attracting the right clients, all before my website was fully up and running. 

It also provides space for your to brainstorm your ideas so you can hit the ground running and start booking your ideal clients.

Word of mouth can be the most powerful tool in business, and you can start using it to your advantage today. 

Download your FREE workbook now!

I can’t wait to hear how you craft your dream business.

With deepest gratitude, 

March 2019 Reading List

In honor of both International Women’s Day, and Women’s History Month, I wanted to share some of my favorite contemporary books that celebrate the history of women, and challenge us to be the best we can be. 

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
Can we really celebrate Women’s History Month if we’re not fully celebrating ALL women? Renni Eddo-Lodge covers the disparities that occur when feminism lacks intersectionality. Listening to Eddo-Lodge’s thoroughly researched accounts of racism in Britain provided me with a deeper understanding of the systematic oppression here in the United States.

I mean…can you blame me? If you haven’t read it yet, I highly, highly recommend listening to the auidobook version. This book only affirmed my beliefs that Michelle Obama is not only incredibly smart, but deeply wise and kind, I loved hearing her perspective on her upbringing and how it shaped her larger than life future.

Before We Were Yours: A Novel
Lisa Wingate weaves multiple perspectives across decades to weave a tragic story of loss and separation. Based on true stories, her narrative is heart wrenching as she describes her take on the real life story of Georgia Tann and the children who were stolen from their homes to be sold through an orphanage. While a fictional story in itself, this novel highlights a part of devastating history that is not discussed enough. 

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t read this book of poetry at least three times. My favorite book of poetry to recommend to others. I simply can’t do it just by saying more, except it is absolutely breathtaking.

Pussy: A Reclamation
This book explores what it means to truly embrace your feminine essence and connect to your power as a woman. Honestly, one of my favorite chapters was Regina Thomashauer’s depiction of the French Courtesans as sex work took on a new, more liberating perspective.

What’s on my list for the month:

Educated by Tara Westover

New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Have you read any good books recently?
How are you celebrating Women’s History Month?