This moment has been a long time coming–like, a year and a half in the making–and I am thrilled to FINALLY make this announcement. 

It took this long because I wanted to ensure that my actions and my future are in total alignment with the person I strive to be. And that person is someone that wants to help bring about positive, meaningful change in our world. 

I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship and self-employment unwillingly. I left job that I had previously loved and contracting online business support to clients unfolded naturally. Since taking that step, I grappled with the ego and imposter syndrome that often accompanies entrepreneurship–why do I think I’m cut out for this?  Why should my voice be added to the fray? For so long I pondered these questions, wanting to make sure that when I started speaking up, I was doing it with deep intention, knowledge, and great care. 

I spent that time trying to better educate myself on the world around me, what it means to show up as an ally, and as an agent of change. 

This process is undoubtedly complex, and it is a journey filled with countless missteps…but silence and inaction make no change, and only perpetuates injustice. 

I am by no means perfect or without error, but I am excited and committed to continuously learning, evolving and growing. 

With that notion, I would like to announce my new campaign, Kindness Creates Change. We are starting small, but I hope that this step will help encourage positive, conscious dialogue while supporting causes that are in need of support. 

Amy E Hulse Kindness Creates Change TShirt

The first step is launching the “Kindness Creates Change” T-Shirt line, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to help the border crisis through Al Otro Lado.

As I strive to be more ethical with my own purchases, I struggled with the idea of adding more tangible merchandise to the world.

However, I am choosing to start with this because I hope to not only support this cause financially, but also encourage conversations around it. 

These T-Shirts are ethically sourced via Bella Canvas, printed using eco-friendly materials by Print Natural, and shipped in 100% recycled (and recyclable) mailers from Eco Enclose

You can click here to order now

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. 

With Deepest Gratitude, 


P.S. Let’s keep spreading the kindness. Snag the Kindness Creates Change computer wallpaper here, and the phone background here